The cocoa at the HACIENDA EL CASTILLO is the Don Homero – Cerecita. The Don Homero refers to the variety of the cocoa used in the plantation, and Cerecita means the region where the Hacienda is located: both determining factors in the unique flavor and aroma of our cocoa.

The Don Homero is of Trinitarian origin, which is why it is considered a fine and aroma cocoa. This variety was developed in the 1960’s, during an intense selective program held by the Ecuadorian agronomist scientist Homero Castro. Besides its particular and excellent flavor, the Don Homero has many other advantages for farmers, chocolate makers and consumers. For the farmers, this variety is possibly the most productive in the world, and more resistant to many diseases, like the monilla and the witches’ groom.

For the chocolate makers, this cocoa has more mass content compared to other varieties, which makes it very attractive. Finally, the Don Homero has a bigger concentration of antioxidants compared to other varieties, favoring the health of consumers. This cocoa variety is revolutionizing the industry and at the HACIENDA EL CASTILLO we are pioneers in the technical and agricultural development of this crop. The Don Homero is a variety of 100% Ecuadorian cocoa.

The Cerecita valley is located west of the city of Guayaquil, on the way to the coastal beaches. In fact, the sea breeze has a particular influence in this region’s climate, which is generally dry. The crops in this area are only possible due to an advanced irrigation system.

This is an important advantage of the cocoa crop; the dryness makes it harder for diseases to spread, since many of these need humidity to live. The climate and geographic conditions of the Cerecita valley have made it a cocoa cluster in constant development.

Besides the variety Don Homero and the valley of Cerecita, is the diversity of the HACIENDA EL CASTILLO that give its chocolate a special touch. The fruit mixture provided by mango, papaya, plantain and citric trees, which are scattered among the cocoa plantation, have a huge influence in the cocoa’s flavor. At the same time, the influence of the floral and forest diversity, also contribute to the HACIENDA EL CASTILLO’s cocoa. A unique flavor with a lot of personality where the natural factor is most important and what identifies our cocoa.