Without a doubt one of the main characteristics of the HACIENDA EL CASTILLO’s chocolate is its production process. First, it is important to highlight that we have the capacity to control the entire process “from the bean to the bar” which guarantees the quality in our products. The bases for a good chocolate begin in the field and the pos harvest processes. At the HACIENDA EL CASTILLO we put special care in these processes before reaching the manufacturing of chocolate (LINK Agricultura Cacao).

Another important aspect of our production process is that the machines and equipment have been designed and built in our facilities by our chocolate masters. Our process is guided by the most intense quality norms with a traditional feeling. At the HACIENDA EL CASTILLO we consider that making good chocolate is an art.

First the toasting is done, which together with the fermentation process is crucial for the aromas and flavors to develop.

Our experts, who practically work with their senses to find the ideal toasting point, do the toasting under extensive vigilance.

From the toasting, the cocoa nibs go to our chipping machine, where the shell is taken away from them. Our machine is simple and efficient.

The cocoa nib goes to a pre grinder to obtain a paste, which is then put through a ball mill to acquire the cocoa liquor, which later is mixed with the rest of the ingredients and enters a conching process. All of this is done in a machine specially created for our operation. The conching is the third critical point in the development of the chocolate’s flavor. At this moment all the ingredients are mixed together, they are joined and get complemented at the same time that all the volatile elements of the product evaporate. This constant movement makes the particles polish, giving the product’s unique shine.

Finally, the chocolate goes to the temperer machine to obtain the adequate consistency. After the tempering process, the chocolate goes directly to the mould depositor. After it has been cooled down, the chocolate is manually packed in its final presentation.

In conclusion, our chocolate making process is truly unique. With traditional equipment, developed specially by our chocolate artisans, dedicated to gain excellence in the flavor of the chocolates from the HACIENDA EL CASTILLO.