In the 1930’s, the German Count Ludwig Weber von Wagenfuer came to Ecuador and married Mrs. MarÌa AngÈlica Calero, daughter of Mr. Evangelista Calero Gaybor. Mr. Evangelista, who was born in the little town Yasacoto in the Province of BolÌvar, had built a large fortune based on his shoe making industry, which where very popular in the country. In the 1950’s the Count Weber and his wife built a villa in a piece of land they owned near the town of San Isidro, the land had 1.600 hectares and the villa was known as the Castillo. The beauty and the peaceful feeling of this area, its great weather and its privileged location attracted the Count. Those things made the Castillo the perfect place for him to retire, after he had been deported from the United States

to the Crystal City Camp, during the Second World War for been considerer a Nazi spy, because he was a pilot who fought for Germany during the First World War. 

The Castillo was located in one of the highest hills of the area, favoring its amazing view. Its first floor was made of concrete and it had two other floors made of wood. The Count von Wagenf¸er and his family spent many years of their lives in the Castillo, until his death in 1967. Immediately after, inhabitants of the surrounding area robed the Castillo and it was left in ruins. With time, the property became very deteriorated and the Count’s family lost its ownership of the land, when the Calero’s family’s fortune vanished.

At the end of the 1980’s, new owners bought part of what today is the Hacienda El Castillo, where the ruins of the villa where found. For more than 20 years, this small family business has been based on an agricultural, tourism and industrial operation, contributing to the area’s development. All of these keeping a careful respect to nature, always looking for excellence in our services and products.